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Find your new favorite beer here.

On Tap

German for beer and fruit soda.
  • Stiegl-Radler Grapefruit Naturtrüb - Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg


  • Ranch Style Pils - Wild Acre Brewing Company


Created by our mixologist using low-alcohol spirits
  • Hemingway Daiquiri
    Havana, Cuba's homage to Earnest Hemingway switching up the classic daiquiri.
  • Moscow Mule
    A classic Hollywood favorite with notes of ginger and lime.
  • Old Fashioned
    A cocktail based to improve the flavor of the spirit. Bringing oak notes and citrus to a palatable taste profile.
  • Paloma
    Mexico's cousin to the margarita, this grapefruit cocktail is the perfect combination of sweet and tart.


Luxurious drinks made from responsibly-sourced coffee beans. Feel the buzz.

Beverages made with shots of espresso
  • Americano
    Shots of espresso, mixed with hot water
  • Breve Latte
    Two shots of espresso topped with steamed half and half and microfoam
  • Cappuccino
    Two shots of espresso topped with thick frothed milk foam
  • Con Panna
    Two shots of espresso, topped with whipped cream, served in a 4 oz. glass
  • Cortado
    Two shots of espresso, topped with foam, served in a 4 oz. glass


Eats and Treats! Your drink of choice is even better when accompanied by a delicious snack.

Upcoming Events

February 22nd, 7:00 pm

CSS Trio Live

Clark, Skates, Stones-- CSS Trio-- play funky, cool jazz in the back room

February 24th, 6:30 pm

Coffee and Conversation with Living Stone

Join Living Stone for fresh coffee, light desserts, music and comfortable conversation in a unique, relaxed environment. This young university is developing world-changers who are going out and living their vision: Creating ethical, empowered, employable Christians in every sector of society.

February 25th, 7:00 pm

Mardi Gras at Brew

Drink Specials, beads, photo booth and more! We'll repent.... tomorrow ;)

February 26th, 6:00 pm

Community Beer and Pint Night With Lancer

Representatives of Community Beer are coming to Brew to tell you about their beer! All Community Beers-- Mosaic IPA, Witbier, Funnel Cake Ale and Cocoa Bueno Mexican Chocolat Stout-- are only $4.00 tonight! Come drink some deliciously balanced brews and have a chance to win Community swag and giveaways.

February 27th, 4:00 pm

An Afternoon with The Granbury Car Club

The Granbury Car Club is bringing some of their classic, museum-quality cars to Brew, so you can have a pint and see some clean machines! Members of the car club will be around to answer questions and tell you more about their cars if you're interested.

February 28th, 7:00 pm

Chris Pitts Live

Come to the back room to hear the talented and magnanimous Chris Pitts play a variety jazz and blues, standards and originals

February 29th, 7:00 pm

3 If By Sea Live

3 if by Sea is a smart-ass jazz trio from Fort Worth. After playing music together for 20 years, they specialize in heavily-improvised takes on music, popular and otherwise, from the past 100 years.

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Monk's Mood Coffee Beans

Responsibly-sourced sumatran coffee beans: rich, earthy, bold

Gray Tee Masculine Cut

Comfortable gray tee, masculine cut, tailored fit

Coffee Mug

Enjoy your coffee from a Brew Drinkery mug 10 oz or 16 oz, dishwasher safe

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