Top 5 Sour Beers Brewed in DFW


Sour beers are having a moment right now, and the DFW area has some excellent craft breweries that are seizing that moment.

Here are my five favorites:

5. Martin House Brewing: Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding

This one is a crowd pleaser! It became the new favorite for 2 people who have very different palates: Karen, an avid white wine drinker, and Chad, a laid-back IPA man. I saw Countless others get hooked on it over the holidays.

4. The Collective Brewing Project: Blueberry Lime Gose

Collective Brewing Project

Shoutout to The Collective Brewing Project for being the face of funky beers in funky town. The Blueberry Lime Gose was the last beer they were able to produce before their indefinite closure. It’s heartbreaking to lose them, but their legacy lives on.

3. Martin House Brewing: True Love

Martin House True Love

Okay I know Martin House is already on here, but it’s because they really know what they’re doing! True Love uses 100% natural raspberry puree, and It tastes like candy. Candy! (Note: The 5.2%ABV leads me to believe it’s not candy, so don’t give it to your kids.)

2. Community: Brett’s Get it On

Community Brett's Get it On

I first learned to love Community when I had their Mosaic IPA. Mosaic is the IPA for people who wouldn’t normally drink IPA, and Brett’s Get it On is the sour for people who wouldn’t normally drink sours. It’s also the sour for the people who would normally drink sours. You’ll love it if you like watermelon. Or berries. Or joy of any kind.

1. Revolver: Ouroboros

Revolver Ouroboros

Right here in our very own backyard, Granbury, Texas, is the big daddy of all sours. Revolver took my favorite Pale Ale, Sidewinder, and aged it in mexican tequila barrels for over a year to make this uniquely delicious brew. Weighing in at a 7%ABV, it is a truly one-of-a-kind beer. Fun fact: Ourobroros, to my surprise, is not a spanish word. It’s a symbol of a snake eating its own tail.


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